Syn Ze Șase Tri announce new show

Syn Ze Șase Tri announce new show in Bucharest

Syn Ze Sase Tri announce a new show in Bucharest on March 27, together with Abacus and Treasondom.

Syn Ze Sase Tri was established in 2007 at the initiative of Alex “Corbu” Mihai, Andrei “Hultan” Ionescu and Paul “Strigoi” Bologan, who found the way of expressing music and ideology through black metal.

The band was founded with the intention of promoting stories, fragments of history, fairy tales and folk customs from the vast, mystical and old Romanian culture, from the pre-Christian stories. At the same time, through the images that complement the music and the concept, they try to promote the most important and beautiful sites and places with historical load in the Romanian culture.

Treasondom is a D.I.Y. death metal/grindcore band from Targu Mures. It was founded with the purpose of getting rid of the rage and anger we collect on a daily basis. The lyrics are based on social criticism, anti-politics, anti-religion, immorality and existential problems. Every sentence, every word is inspired by the eastern European desolation. No fashion, no trends, no compromise! Treasondom is a big middle finger straight into the face of this corrupt, greedy, abusive environment they call as a society!

Abacus is a death-metal band from Cluj-Napoca.


Their style ranges from classic death metal riffs to quiet parts, leaving everything in a contrasting note that includes varied influences.

Currently, Abacus is working on the first 10-piece demo that he hopes to present to the public as soon as possible.




Syn Ze Sase Tri interview HERE

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