Leaves’ Eyes & Sirenia-two shows in Romania

Female Metal Voices Tour 2019

LEAVES EYES ‘(GER) + SIRENIA (NOR) + FOREVER STILL (DEN) + LOST IN GRAY (FIN) and KASSOGTHA (SUI) will play in Bucharest on December 10 in Quantic Club and on 11 December in Cluj, at Form Space.

Leaves Eyes‘ is a multinational group, with members from Germany, Norway and Finland, which has been active since 2003, originally created by Liv Kristine and the entire line-up of Atrocity.

Over the years, the band has had members or collaborated with important European metal performers who have played in bands such as Eluveitie, Graveworm, Anathema, Old Man’s Child and more.

Leaves’ Eyes lyrical themes are based on Nordic mythology but also on the glory period of the Vikings.

To date, the band has released seven studio albums, the most recent being Sign of the Dragonhead released on January 12, 2018.
At the moment Leaves’ Eyes means:
Alexander Krull – clape
Thorsten Bauer – guitar
Joris Nijenhuis – drums
Pete Streit – guitar
Elina Siirala – voice

Sirenia comes from Norway, the basis of the band being laid by Morten Velend, a former Tristania member. From 2001 to present they have 9 studio albums, the most recent being Arcane Astral Aeons which was released on October 26, 2018.

The band went through several component changes, but the core remained unchanged, with Morten Veland and Emmanuelle Zoldan joining the band in 2003.
Over time, Sirenia has collaborated with artists such as Tiamat, Trail of Tears, Theatre of Tragedy or Carpathian Forest.

At the moment, Sirenia is:
Morten Veland – voice, guitar
John Erik Soltvedt – guitar
Emmanuelle Zoldan – voice
Nils Courbaron – guitar
Michael Brush – voice

Forever Still come from Copenhagen and have nearly a decade of activity while releasing three EPs and two albums.
The first material, Tied Down, was very well received by critics and the public, which brought them a contract with Nuclear Blast but also two European tours alongside Lacuna Coil and Children of Bodom.

This year they released new material, Breathe In Colors.

Lost in Gray is a relatively new band on the Northern metal scene. They come from Finland, and they were set in 2013. They approach symphonic metal with folk influences. So far, they have released two albums, The Gray Realms and The Waste Land.

Kassogtha is settled in Switzerland and, until last year they played under the name Deus Ex Machina. The predominant style they approach is melodic death metal, but the influences of progressive or even metalcore can also be felt in their musical creations. So far, they have released the album A New World to Come and the EP The Call.

Asphodelia are active since 2016 and come from Italy. The name of the band is taken from Greek mythology, representing a flower that was found in most of the Greek myths related to the land of Hades.

The debut album, Welcome Apocalypse, was released in 2018 and brought them shows with bands such as Sabaton, Moonspell, Septicflesh or Arkona.


LEAVES’ EYES – 2019 EUR 2. Part 4


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