ORDINUL NEGRU (Ro) / KOLAC (Sr) / NOCTURN (Ro) / VATHOS (Ro) at Quantic Club

Decembrie Negru

Friday, December 6, 2019, from 7:30 pm, Axa Valaha Productions presents Ordinul Negru, the only show in Bucharest, their guests from Serbia, Kolac and two of the most interesting and obscure Romanian Black metal bands: Nocturn and Vathos. None of the four bands included in the poster #DecembrieNegru does play very often, preferring rare and interesting appearances, in which to present to the public new material in special recitals.

Ordinul Negru, the project of the prolific multi-instrumentalist Fulmineos, known to the Romanian public mainly through his work with Argus Megere and Negura Bunget, was formed in 2004 and activated until 2015 as a one-man studio band, with an impressive discography. From 2015, Fulmineos decided to change the approach and transformed Ordinul Negru into a self-contained band of atmospheric and occult Black Metal, signed with Loud Rage Music, the only local label dedicated to Romanian underground bands, and launched two of the most appreciated Black Metal albums of recent years, ‘Sorcery of Darkness’ (2015) and ‘Faustian Nights’ (2018), both in CD format. Due to the massive interest caused especially by the last album, Loud Rage Music decided to relaunch both albums in a limited edition on the audio box and also, “Faustian Nights” has a special version on vinyl LP, limited to 300 copies, all released in 2019. Also, the record company decided to reissue several of the old materials released before 2015 and very difficult to buy at this time. All these materials will be available for this show, along with several other merchandises.

Kolac, special guests at this concert, come from Belgrade, Serbia. They have always been known for their very direct approach to Black Metal. Recommended by Milan Rakic, one of the legendary figures of the metal scene from the neighbor country, active at the end of the 90s along with the most important Serbian bands, May Result and The Stone, and the owner of the Grom Records label, Kolac proposes a 100% Slavic Satanic Black Metal recital, dark and cold, strongly influenced by the Norwegian wave, but also by the Czech or Polish black metal.

Nocturn, one of the most obscure Black Metal bands on the Timisoara scene, with an approach reminiscent of Dissection, comes to present to the public, the album ‘Thrones of Deception’ released independently in 2018. The band includes several musicians who work with Ordinul Negru, Dordeduh and Blutrina.

The band that will open the Black Metal Ritual on December 6 is Vathos, authors of atmospheric and depressing Black Metal, who will present to the public the material included in the debut album, already recorded at Studio 148 with one of the most talented Romanian producers, Marius Costache, and will be released in 2020.

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Exclusive merch will be available at the venue:

Digipacks & jewel-case CD “Sorcery of Darkness”
Jewel-case + slipcase CD “Faustian Nights”
Vinyl “Faustian Nights”
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Video ‚Faustian Nights’:

Video ‚Killing Tristan’


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