Arkaik and Irreversible Mechanism for Deathfest 2020

Arkaik and Irreversible Mechanism for Deathfest 2020
The next two confirmed bands for Deathfest 2020 are ARKAIK from the United States and IRREVERSIBLE MECHANISM from Belarus, both offering (brutal) super technical and progressive death metal. And if Belarusians from Irreversible Mechanism can be considered a young band, active since 2012 and with only two studio albums, Arkaik is already a veteran of the new wave of brutal American death metal, debuting in 2004 and having no less of four albums, released successively in 2010-2017 by the legendary American record label Unique Leader Records. Arkaik is for the first time on European soil, both bands will perform for the first time in Romania, completing the line-up of this edition of Deathfest.

ARKAIK is a Progressive Death Metal band based out of Santa Cruz California.

Arkaik‘s debut album, “Reflections Within Dissonance”, displayed a unique marriage of superior craftsmanship and a forward-thinking promise rarely seen in a band this young. Their sophomore album, “Metamorphignition” builds on their progressive and adventurous predilections and aims to transcend the boundaries of “technical Death Metal” even as it revels in the sub-genres wanton brutality. The band’s founder Jared Christianson (vocals) has pooled an immensely talented core of musicians around the band in its over ten years of progression, including emerging drum phenom Alex Bent (who has already done session work for Decrepit Birth/Rings Of Saturn/Battlecross), bassist Ivan Mungia (Deeds of Flesh), and lead/rhythm guitarists Miguel Esparza and Greg Paulson. Having already toured North America supporting Black Dahlia Murder in 2011, and Cannibal Corpse in 2012, they have been touring ever since creating their own enthusiastic fanbase and pushing the genre forward. Now Arkaik has released another crushing onslaught in the form of their newest full-length release “Lucid Dawn” in late 2015, their third Unique Leader Record release to date. Looking forward with ever-increasing determination the band continues to seek out new boundaries of extremity and creativity – and then annihilate them.

Irreversible Mechanism is a music project that began in 2012 by long-term acquaintances and best friends Vlad Nekrash (lead guitar) and Yar Korotkin (bass).

During 2012 the music that set the stage for a future full-length album has been written. Work on the album started right from the uniting and all the recordings done during the next years in Kiev, Ukraine and hometown Minsk. Initially 12 songs were planned but due to the concept their number was reduced to 9.

~HEADLINER (old school brutal death metal since 1991) TBA~
+ Virvum 🇨🇭
+ Blutrina 🇷🇴
+ Alterbeast 🇺🇸
+ Arkaik 🇺🇸
+ Irreversible Mechanism 🇧🇾
+ 1 Opening Act.

Deathfest will take place on May 15, 2020, at Quantic Club and it is promoted by Axa Valaha Productions.

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