IN THE WOODS … the new confirmation for Rockstadt Extreme Fest 2020

30th of July- 2 August

IN THE WOODS … began its musical journey in 1991, in Kristiansand, Norway, when some of the members of former Green Carnation death metal band reunited to form a new project, which was defined by some as psychedelic black metal.

The group set out to explore as many musical genres as possible, with the first records fully proving this. “Heart of the Ages” (1995), the debut album is still considered a classic of the black metal style, which nevertheless extends its traditional boundaries by including keyboards or female vocals combined with distorted vocal passages. Through the following records, “Omnio” (1997) and “Strange In Stereo” (1999), the group was already beginning to approach the territories of doom metal, progressive rock or include avant-garde influences. If “Omnio” is considered by some to be the band’s best experimental album, due to the combination of deep vocals with a complex instrumental line, “Strange In Stereo” brings a twist of style, with more versatile and dark approaches.

After nine years of activity, however, the band took a short break, the last record released before this time being “Three Times Seven On A Pilgrimage” (2000) – considered a compilation of previous works, supplemented by a few covers of Pink Floyd , Jefferson Airplane or King Crimson and new parts, such as a new version of the song “Child Of Universal Tongue”.

IN THE WOODS … returned to the music scene in 2004, under the label Debemur Morti Productions, bringing to light a new record: “Pure” (2016). The album continues to defy expectations and to surprise the listener through the musical combinations it brings, through the psychedelic tones of the keyboard, the melodic specific riffs or the unexpected vocal passages, supported by the newest member of the band, the vocal James “Mr. Fog ”Fogarty.

The new musical direction of the band is the result of artistic evolution: the chaotic mind of the youth turns into dark wisdom that only experience can bring, and the dark approaches are combined with doom influences that lead the band to the still unexplored musical territories.


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