MGLA- Age of Excuse Album review

MGLA is a Polish black metal band from Kraków, formed in 2000. With only 3 Studio albums (Age of Excuse being the forth) the band manage to take over the Black...

MGLA is a Polish black metal band from Kraków, formed in 2000. With only 3 Studio albums (Age of Excuse being the forth) the band manage to take over the Black metal community. They are a band that can easily please all 3 categories of black metal fans, the oldies, but goldies, the new age fans and also, including myself in this category, the mix breed of the first 2. They are well known for the classic black metal sound that includes fast tempos, a hash-shrieking vocal style but with a clean sound and interesting combination of distorted guitars and intensive drumming. The band sound has already influents a few new bands that are trying to use the same recipe of success, this is huge for a band with not that many albums released. Poland is truly the new mother of Black metal.

Age of Excuse was released on 3rd of September, still fresh and already breaking the internet. Fans are truly excited for the new album since it’s been 4 years since the last record was launched. The first time you listen to Age of Excuse you get the feeling that is just an extension of Exercises in Futility, the same style is kept, but as you go deeper into it you will notice and incapable transformation, progress at its finest. First 2 songs give up the impression that they are songs left out of Exercises in Futility, but as you  play song by song you will notice an elegant and not to sudden change in the rhythmic of the songs, still in the good nature of MGLA. We have the same elements that made this band so big but mixed a lot more smoother with enough chaos to hit you with the taste of true Black metal. The distorted guitars are so nicely introduce in the songs that they feel like part of the vocals, they are the shrieking that the vocals are missing. The vocals are so simpler, almost clean, and good enough to allow anyone to sing along. There is no need for complex vocals when the instruments fill any gap that you may feel. The stars of this album are the drums, the band got to a point where the drums are so meticulous that any inspiring drummer may need to take notes. Yes, I love this album and this band, I could go on and on about them but I feel I need to point out the simplicity of this band, keeping up with the strongest nihilistic vibes but not turning into the so called KVLT edginess. There is no need to pretend you are the devil most faithful follower to make good Black metal. Speaking about nihilism, the lyrics are true poetry, no expense was spared on them, that’s for sure. It is pretty hard to come back again and again with deep and well-written lyrics when you are singing about the same themes.

“Those finaglers of justice

Expert wrights in deceit

Carvers of the crooked timber

And their finely tuned farce

Proclaiming anger and rage

Under the mortal threat it thrives” – Age of Excuse III

The way this band organize the songs in the albums is pure gold, it is an ongoing story, and with    Age of Excuse it’s a nice continuity of the previous album. Some voices argue that the band is playing it safe, not making any major changes to the sound, and I believe they are playing it smart. This is still a newish band (not that many albums) no need to change the sound. And saying it for the people in the back, bands are not supposed to change the sound that often. They are growing as musicians, beginning to be more well-balanced and experimenting in a safe environment, perfectly normal. Age of Excuse is by far the best album they made, until now, and it’s the exact feeling a new album should give you. 


For anyone in Bucharest on 23rd of September you can see them live in Quantic Club.

Ticket : Iabilet


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