Sur Austru set to release their first album

Transilvanian Black Metal

Negura Bunget ended with Negru’s passing, the only original founding member left in that band. The other members left had something else in their mind and decided to continue Negura Bunget’s musical legacy. Due to this thing, Sur Austru was born in 2018. Since the beginning it was known that this band was created from the ashes of Transylvanian black metal pioneers Negura Bunget. The musical style and values are the same as Negura Bunget and that was the whole purpose from the beginning. Until now, Sur Austru had a series of live performances. They made their appearence at Rockstadt Extreme Fest in 2018 or in clubs such as Quantic from Bucharest or Form Space from Cluj-Napoca. The band didn’t stop just at romanian gigs, they also performed in european countries such as Germany, Italy or Slovakia.

September of 2019 will mark the release of the first album signed by Sur Austru. This album will be called “Meteahna Timpurilor” (Weakness of The Times) and is set to be released under the Avantgarde Records from Italy. This label is known for bands such as Suicide Forest, Abigor or Funeral Winds. As the official statement released by Sur Austru says,

“The epic debut album “Meteahna Timpurilor” will challenge the listener on multiple levels, swinging between harsh thunderous metal and beautiful soundscapes where the old traditional instruments are magically blending together. It is the tale of crying forests, dying nature, and our shared struggles of getting back to the right path of celebrating and enjoying its divinity.”

The album is available for pre-order on CD/vinyl/digital format on Bandcamp. Until now, no oficial song from this album has been released. For more information about the latest updates about Sur Austru, visit their official Facebook page.

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