Four new confirmations for Metal Gates 2019

Metal Gates Festival

We are happy to be able to present to you the newly confirmed bands for the Metal Gates Festival, bands that almost complete the final line-up for this year’s edition!

Soon, we will announce another band which will complete the line-up of the Metal Gates Festival 2019.

Thank you Costin Chioreanu for the festival artwork!


TAAKE (NO) –  Black Metal –

Dagoba (FR) – Groove/Industrial Metal –

Ancient (NO/GR) – Melodic Black Metal –

TAINE (RO) – Progressive Death Metal –


Festival passes:

  • The first 50 passes / 150 RON (31 EUR) – SOLD OUT
  • Next 250 passes /220 RON (46 EUR) – until the 1st of September
  • Next 250 passes/250 RON (53 EUR)

*the number of passes is limited to 800!

*we will announce the possibility of purchasing one day passes, only in case the festival will not be SOLD OUT, one month prior to the festival (September).

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