Brutal Assault presents one of the strongest line-up of all times

Brutal Assault, Aug 7-10th 2019, Jaroměř - Fortress Josefov

Brutal Assault festival with its 24th volume invites the fans to the Josefov fortress. The
lineup is not based on all-capturing headliners but is delicately curated and presents
motley collection of more than 130 artists, that will widen your horizons. The festival also
celebrates other forms of dark art with exhibitions, talks or cinema and offers great
selection of fantastic drinks and food. Early August weekends are marked red in the calendar of every metal fan, these days are reserved for Brutal Assault, a national holiday of the metal nation. The festival offers diverse and multifarious line-up that is not based on all-capturing headliners but works with
interesting artists in every thinkable genre. The lineup is meticulously curated to contain both
genre staples and new upcoming and interesting acts. Moreover, the festival always manages
to attract artists that only seldomly perform live.
Brutal Assault festival is an anchorage of metal music and associated art with 130 artists, 5
stages, several art galleries, large stand across the main stages and extensive chill-out zone.
If you have not been there yet, this festival is just another level of experience in dark art
with cherry picked blend of refreshing underground bands and stellar headliners spread across
diverse festival area located within 18th century military fortress. Among traditional festival
features the festival area also offers luxury sanitary facilities, permanent horror cinema,
underground mazes, huge metal market, art galleries, a lot of sitting spaces within the
fortress walls providing shelter from the weather and tons of other attractions. Brutal Assault
is mainly about music but in recent years it also started to resemble a food festival with
vegan and carnivore and all kinds of ethnic cuisine, supplemented by a wide variety of best
Czech beers starting from 1.5 Euro for half a litre (17OZ).

First off we unfortunately need to start with bad news as MANES are forced to pull out due to
personal issues, however we’ve already made a deal to bring them next year which makes
them the first band annonced for 2020.
Now to the good news! Pagan black metal stalwarts KAMPFAR of Norway will be back with
their brand new records Ofidians Manifest, representing the force of black metal in 2019. 25
years on from their foundation, KAMPFAR condensate the struggles of the recent years into a
powerful record, that is supported even more powerful live performances.
Next on the list are Japanese experimentators CROSSFAITH who continue to evolve in unique
style with synths that sound like guitars, guitars that sound like laserbeams and bleeding-edge
beats throughout, it’s the sound of a band who have carve out their own new identity with
every release.
The Spaniards ALTARAGE are bristling with black and dissonant death metal fury that
immediately evokes a plethora of sinister images in the brain. Their relentless soul-crushing
sound will send your minds into overdrive.
The Polish enigma ENTROPIA will showcase a one of a kind psyched, hypnotic and psychedelic
and sludgy post-black metal while Icelanders UNE MISÈRE will take you to Icelands darkest
and bleakest landscapes via their hardcore sound that pushes boundaries and cuts deep.

The Germans UNPROCESSED will present their latest output Artificial Void, which has highly
diversified sound and can be described as a technically sophisticated modern progressive
djenty metal.
The local scene will be represented by unrelenting head-bashing death metal of BRUTALLY
DECEASED, modern sounding black/death MALLEPHYR that will surely pleasure every
Behemoth fan, modern sounding death metal with prog and metal/death/core influences
ELYSIUM and one of the longest running shape-shifing acts, that cannot be bound into a single
genre (or a couple of them for that matter), FORGOTTEN SILENCE. They will play a special
„THOTS“ album set!
But we are not done yet with the lineup! You can still expect the announcement of the KAL
stage artists and of Tuesday warm-up party! Additionally, in the upcoming week we will
release the schedule of the bands for each festival day!


The attractive lineup our festival draws audience from all around the world and we've
already sold 85 % of all available tickets – thank You for your interest! Our lineup also misses
just a couple of last bands and the artists from our KAL stage to be completely revealed…
and that is happening soon! We can only recommend to everyone not to hesitate with the
purchase of the festival pass, because there are gonna be no more tickets when the currently
available capacity is gone!
The festival passes are 102€ (full festival passes only), but you'll also find discounted festival
passes for the disabled and for kids in our e-shop here.
Once more thank You!


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