Swan Valley Heights to release “The Heavy Seed” this Fall

Psychedelic stoner rock from Germany

Swan Valley Heights have announced the release date of their second full lengths album titled “The Heavy Seed”.

The psychedelic stoner rock trio is based out of München and Berlin. They have previously released a self entitled studio album in 2016. “Swan Valley Heights has been labeled progressive stoner, psychedelic fuzz-rock and space grunge, birthing music that is far away from simply riding standard patterns into oblivion.”

Band Members:

Christian Schmidt – Bass Guitar

Andy Heir – Drums, Keyboards

David Kreisl – Guitars, Vocals


“Ranging from three-minute-long instrumental bangers with no other intention than smashing heads to massive psych journeys that almost reach the quarter-hour mark; from big, ugly dissonances to acoustic guitar-driven beach vibes – this eclectic piece of fuzz-rock found its right home on Fuzzorama Records, even being mixed and mastered by no other than Truckfighters’ Mr. Dango”


  1. The Heavy Seed
  2. Vaporizer Woman
  3. Take a Swim in God’s Washing Machine
  4. My First Knife Fight
  5. Teeth & Waves

The upcoming album will be released on the 6th of September via Fuzzorama Records. You can pre-order the album via the Label’s official website here.

You can listen to a sample of what the upcoming album will sound like by listening to the Single the band has released from the album, titled “Teeth and Waves”.  Check it out below!

The photo used is copyrighted by Agathe Riener.

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