Ulcerate live @B52

opening acts: Mercy's Dirge, Walk the Abyss & Rotheads

First band on stage was Mercy’s Dirge from Suceava, a band which is quite old in the underground scene and which resists in time. This band sounds exactly how the old school death metal must sound, and since it was the first time I saw them in B52 club, I might say the sound was pretty good, starting with the vocals and ending with the bass sound. Judging by the last time I saw them, I think they’re getting better and better.

Moving forward to Walk the Abyss, which was in a different formula and they sounded a lot better than last summer when I saw them in Quantic, playing as opening act for Thy Art is Murder; might have been the vocals who were in dire need of a change. Keep on the good work guys, because I am curious to see you as soon as possible again. 

Rotheads– I finally managed to see them after so many times I failed to reach an event where they played. The sound was bad, but this is how it is supposed to sound, because this is the main idea. I liked their performance, they filled very well as opening act for what was next: Ulcerate.

Ulcerate are a band which I discovered in the late of 2013 and since then I became a fan. Technical death metal bands establish the tech part in two forms: compositionally and instrumentally; Ulcerate goes for an unclean smear of ugly noise, a specific voice which you might recognize from the very beginning. With an improved sound (on the latest album) and a complex musical background, Ulcerate did a great show. A thing which is quite remarkable is the mind-blowing drumming, which together with the other instruments and voice create a haunted atmosphere. There were no tech issues during the show (none I could sense), but too bad it was a big delay for a Thursday evening. I hope it won’t be the first and their last show in Romania. Congrats to 7inc, Hc/Ro and to the bands of course for another great event I attented to.


Until next time !

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