8th of May @ Quantic

With over two decades of activity, Watain has generated a lot of controversy along the way, being one of few bands around the world who have declared that their ideology and music are based on the so called theist side of Satanism. Erik Danielsson, the founder of the band has declared that Watain has been formed because of the lack of black metal bands that actually live in the ideological spirit of black metal.

Influenced by bands such as Bathory, Mayhem and Mercyfull Fate, Watain has become an important name in the black metal scene, becoming themselves influencers of the new wave of bands that play the same style of music.

Kistvaen is the first Romanian band to approach the depressive black metal, following in the footsteps of European bands that have molded this peculiar subgenre of black metal.

Useful Info:

It is forbidden to enter the venue with: guns and/or dangerous objects alcohol or other beverages and food from outside the venue flammable materials, gas canisters or cooking apparatus’ of any kind professional or semi-professional cameras (with detachable lenses) professional or semi-professional recording devices. The show will be a raw and pure black metal show, without pyrotechnics, which means that everyone needs to be prepared for moshpit of grand proportions.


Open Doors: 19:00

Kistvaen: 20:00 – 20:45

Watain: 21:15 – 23:00

  • Presale : the tickets will cost 89 lei until the 8th of May
  • At the venue: 100 lei per ticket

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