Interview with Paragon Collapse

Romanian Doom Metal Band
Paragon Collapse is a Romanian doom metal band with psychedelic, atmospheric and progressive influences. The band was oficially founded in Iasi, a city known for bands such as Bucovina, GOD, Hiraeth or Tenebres.
  • For those that have never heard of you before, can you tell us a little bit about the band? How did you guys get together to form Paragon Collapse?
Paragon Collapse is a metal band with a lot of different genre influences, but mainly focuses on doom metal. The band was founded in 2008 by Alex Lefter (composer and guitar) with Ion Ciobanu (guitar) and Veronica Lefter (vocals/violin) joined in 2009. Since then in the band were a lot of member changes and the last two ones joined in 2018.
  • What’s the meaning behind the name “Paragon Collapse”?
“Paragon” means perfection, ideal, but as all perfect things it can be easily destroyed. We looked up for a name that would depict all those things that are happening in our modern world, all those “perfect” things and moments being destroyed by our “modern” way of life. We try to approach a lot of these topics in our songs, relating our point of view on what we think is the most important. So in conclusion: Paragon Collapse is a mirror of what we think humanity does: destroying all those little perfect things in life, in a self-destructing process.
  • What were your main musical influences?
Our influences were possibly from multiple sources and in a few cases maybe not from metal music only. So, there are a lot of them, starting with the classical music and up to extreme metal genres, but doom metal music most of all.
  • Do you had any musical experience before Paragon Collapse?
Four of us have a rich musical background, such as musical education (lots of years of musical school and academy). Regarding “playing in a band” experience, two of us were in some bands before Paragon Collapse.
  • Did you know from the start or had any idea that your musical style will revolve around doom metal?
No, because of too much of good existent music, that is discovered through the years, which had its influence upon the listener, I couldn’t know if I’ll follow strictly just one genre of metal. I just love good music that marks me in a way, therefore I don’t stick to a musical genre or style, I just want to express myself, that’s all.
  • Paragon Collapse was formed in 2011, but had a break between 2014 and 2017. What happened in that three year break?
During this period, me and Veronica worked on the material that includes “The Dawning” and a lot of new stuff. At this point the band remained on hold, because the drummer and the bass player left the band and country, so we also had to move on.
  • You have a full-length album called “The Dawning”, released in 2018. What can you say about that album?
This release was a remake of some older demo recordings that we made back in 2011-2012 I guess, so it was a long term creation in a way, fully recorded at home. We put a lot of work in this material, trying to highlight the most lyrical aspect of our music for now. Is somehow an introduction to our music, but in soft fashion.
  • Will you release new music in the near future?
Surely will. As I mentioned before, we have a lot of new stuff, songs for several more albums. The new material will be more aggressive and dynamic. We will keep the lyrical side as before, but we will have a bigger contrast beneath the lyric and the aggressive riffs. Hope you’ll like it.
  • What was your favorite concert until this point in your musical activity?
We didn’t had the chance to perform a lot of times, each of us could have a different opinion about this topic, but my personal favorite was the first one, when we released “The Dawning”. This was a long dream that came true and also there was a lot of energy and dynamics, even if the crowd saw us for the very first time. Being on stage, playing my music and sharing it with the audience is a feeling that can’t be replaced or forgotten.
  • Do you have something to add? Something that you wish your fans or future listeners to know?
We make music because this is what we like the most and it represents us. If somebody gets to love our songs after listening them, this is why we are doing this. We have a lot of interesting stuff coming, so we hope to see you enjoying it with us. The upcoming 2020 holds a surprise, so stay tuned!
  • Thank you so much for your time!
Thank you for yours!
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