Metal Gates Festival 2019 Edition

3rd edition in Quantic Club, Bucharest

Final Step Productions brings you Metal Gates Festival for the 3rd edition in Quantic Club, Bucharest.
The festival will take place over 2 days on October 19-20th and will gather bands from all over the world.

These are the first confirmations:

Dark Tranquillity (SE) –

Melodic Death Metal

Officium Triste (NL) –

Doom Death Metal – 25th Anniversary / New Album

Eye Of Solitude (UK) –

Funeral Doom Metal – New Album

Marche Funèbre (BE)  –

Doom Death Metal – First Romanian Show

Pilgrimage (MT) –

Doom Death Metal – First Show Ever

Full Passes:

– first 50 tickets / 150 RON (~31 EUR)

– next 250 tickets / 190 RON (~40 EUR)  – or until June 15th

– next 250 tickets / 220 RON (~46 EUR)  – or until September 1st

– next 250 tickets / 250 RON (~53 EUR)

*Tickets are limited to 800!

*We will announce daily tickets only if the festival is not SOLD OUT one month before the shows.



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