Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult – Mardom

German Black Metal

This album represents the 6th full length material of the German Black Metal band even though the group it’s active since ’97 with some splits and a compilation along the way.

The opening of this album is set by “Inception of atemporal transition” which has a purely introductory role and goes right into the next track called “Mardom- Echo Zmory” that is pretty intense and the only song with Polish lyrics on this material which makes it a little unique. “A sweven most devout” is basically a call to esoteric destruction topped by the dark and mystic lyrical theme. “T.Q.W.D.A.T.H.A.B.T.E” is the 4th song and the title stands for “The One who dwells above the Heavens and below the Earth” and it reminded  me of the early Watain here and there and also pays homage to the extreme metal pioneers like Slayer with some thrash inspired passages towards the end. The 5th track is represented by “A beesechment twofold” and is pretty ethereal and gloomy nonetheless with a doomish vibe throughout the song, “Exaudi Domine” changes this feeling pretty quick as a more energetic tune.

The 7th song is called “Boundless Beast” and continues in the same manner as the previous one, it has a hypnotic interlude which gives  a twist to the song. The next track “Widma” is more of an atmospheric representation that’s set between the previous and the 9th song called “Imperishable soulless grown” and pays a tribute to the oldschool.

The LP concludes with “The Sphere” and has a pretty catchy main riff, also the lyrical combination of English and German being intertwined on this song it’s a statement of the German heritage of the band and ends with a piano outro that tops this album off.

The production is alright for the most part, pretty much what would you expect from a Black Metal album, but the vocal prowess of Onielar the front woman of the band  it’s what sets this material apart.

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