Zammorian — The Theory of Absence [Pt. I] — Album Release

@Control Club

Zammorian is a sextet of creators with distinct multimedia endeavours, whose musical compositions are complemented by and derived from original narratives and complex visual structures. They put forward, conceptually and expressively, the initiation of a new creative genre through the post-psychedelic universe. Their music is instrumental, cinematic with progressive and electronic influences. Underneath the compositions lie mythos throughout short stories and narrative arcs, a distinct visual language and symbolism. These are revealed in time, sometimes through posters and live visuals. The entire story will be released as a novel.

The first part of the double concept album The Theory of Absence will be officially released on May 10th at Control Club, during an extensive live show that will also feature new pieces from the forthcoming Part II.

A post-psychedelic & progressive trip that will take you through the immersive Zammorian Universe. Visuals by Awkwarizmi.

Tickets will be available soon also more details about the event here 

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