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The Stone is a band in Serbia and over time they have managed to make a rather rich discography. Their fourth EP “Kruna Praha” contains 5 songs, of which only 3 appear on CD and the other have been taken out “Kruna Praha” is the EP with the richest sound of all the previous ones.

The first EP song is “Smrt za kralja!” which begins with blast beats and guitars quite melodic and technical. Throughout the melody there are sudden and frequent changes of rhythm and riffs that give it authenticity “Smrt za kralja!” reminds me of the newer songs from Immortal, of course, I can be wrong about that.Unlike “Old Wounds Bleed Misanthropy”, where their sound was more abrasive and brutal than the vocal, the new release is more melodic and technical with vocal range and the ability to match it with the overall crushing atmosphere are maybe even more noticeable in “Phosphorous Spectre”

The cover caught my attention at first, although nothing new in the sea of the album art, it is different from what usually resembles the bands message. Instead of “Nekroza” or “Teatar Apsurda”, where evil twists into horrific form, here it symbolizes the poison that rots a person from within.

I recommend the band to all who listen to Kozeljnik, May Result, Besomar and even Master’s Hammer.

You can pre-order the EP here:


1. Smrt za kralja

2. Kruna praha

3.A Phosphorous Spectre

4.Antiutopija *previously released on vinyl

5.The Golden Cadaver * previously released on vinyl


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