Folian released “Ache Pillars”

Experimental/Drone/Shoegaze/Metal/Noise from the United States

Experimental/Drone/Shoegaze/Metal/Noise, that is how Folian from Porland, Oregan, U.S.A. identify their music style and they have released „Ache Pillars” on the 22nd of March, 2019.

Folian is the brainchild of David S. Fylstra, who until 2017 released music under the name Wasting Seasons. He is also the only member of the band, doing vocals, playing guitars, synth and all other sounds that go into the music he creates.

The influences of the band range from 90’s Nine Inch Nails to Blut Aus Nord to David Lynch movies. Fylstra is a contributor to bands such as Ramprasad, Drowse (as a live member) or Bible Black Tyrant. Since Fylstra started the band, he has released three audio materials in 2017 (Things Go Away and Loom) and 2018 (Unsound Things). All three discographic materials have been released independently by Fylstra.

The latest EP named “Ache Pillars” which was already released last month on the 22nd of March contains 4 tracks and was released under Apneic Void Sounds.


  1. Clearing In The Shadows
  2. Ghost In The Flesh
  3. Gift Of Sorrow
  4. Where All This Dust Comes From

You can purchase the digital album via Folian’s official Bandcamp page here


through the label’s official Bandcamp page here

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