Target (Chile) released their second studio album “Deep Water Flames”

Technical Death Metal from Chile

Technical death metalers Target, from Chile, have released their second studio album titled “Deep Water Flames” on the 1st of March.

The band formed in 2002 in the capital of Chile, Santiago. In their 17 years of activity, Target has released two EPs, two Singles and one full length album. Their first discographical material was released in 2006 in the form of an EP titled “Involution in Reverse”. It was followed by the band’s first studio album titled “Knot of Centipedes”, released in 2011. Five years of musical drought were ended when the band released their second EP in 2017, titled “Blackwaters”; 2018 found the band releasing two singles, one being titled “Neurotic Codecs (Redux)” and the other “Inverted Gloaming”.

The lyrical concept of the band is inspired by chaos and incoherent perceptions.

The lineup of the band suffered some changes along the years, but the current one consists of:

Luis – Guitars
Andy – Vocals
Pelayo – Drums
Feña – Bass

The current full length album is titled “Deep Water Flames” and was released under the label Australis Records. The album was recorded and mixed In Santiago de Chile by Erick Martínez at Orange Studio and was mastered in Sweden by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studio. Concept and Lyrics are by Andrés Piña.


  1. Immerse
  2. Inverted Gloaming
  3. No Solace Arises
  4. Oceangrave
  5. Surge Drift Motion
  6. Submerged
  7. Drowned in an Everlasting Mantra
  8. Blackwaters
  9. Random Waves
  10. Emerge

You can purchase the album from the band’s official Bandcamp page here.

You can also listen to the album on Youtube.

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