Night Ritual Tour 2019 – Burning Darkness / NocturN / Downfall-Concert review

The concert took place  in what has become a hot spot for live shows in Bucharest, Quantic. Most concerts from Bucharest take place in this pub. The concert area...

The concert took place  in what has become a hot spot for live shows in Bucharest, Quantic. Most concerts from Bucharest take place in this pub. The concert area is specially designed for live music. The past months this club has been a meeting point for the metal community, a lot of small concerts and bigger ones have made us join weekend after weekend in the same place. 3 bands got on stage and made  an amazing show. 2 Romanian band, Nocturn, Downfall and a Sweden one, Burning Darkness.

Downfall was the first band to hit the stage, a relatively new band, formed in 2016. This is the second time I got to see this band live and I was surprised by how much they evolved when it comes to playing live. I am not sure If the recent changes regarding the band members was the reason behind this improvement, but I really think this it’s not my place to make this assumption. The band is the only one that can speak about this. It is clearly this is a new band and they are still struggling to find a representative style but the concert gave me the vibe that they are on the right path.  They were a very good choice for the night, fit perfectly into the event. I was really shocked to find out that this was the first live show of the band with the new members. They seem to know there place very well.

NocturN, this is the main reason I went to the concert in the first place. A week back I was asked to review this band’s new album, for those of you who didn’t got the change to read it, I was really impressed by it. At the risk of attracting haters, one of the best Romanian album released in the last years. Now, seeing them live  after I’ve enjoyed  there album so much was a really tricky business. I, even If I am heavy criticized because of this, believe that with today’s technology, anyone can make songs that sound good on record but a true artist is capable of performing them, just as amazing live. After all, metal music is live music, we all live for the thrill that a concert gives us. This band is definitely going places! The concert was so stunning that I got  irritated when I saw how few people attended. This band deserves to play in front of a large crowd.  The vocalist interacted with the public very well. Even mention between song the story behind the album. A bit of contrast between  the calm tone when speaking with the public and the hash vocals during the songs. Thrones of  Deception was played exceptional not even a big hater like myself can’t find a critical thing to say. I was really looking forward  to “Memento”, in my opinion, best song from the album. The band was not disturbed by the fact that the crowd was not that big, again being in a Sunday night, not everyone could make it. If they have the professionalism to deliver their best for a small public  they will manage to impress and make it big.

Burning Darkness, the special guest of the night, this Sweden band was very friendly with everybody. During the first 2 bands show they enjoyed the concert with the rest of the public even encouraging the people to come forward and manifest the joy of music. The Melodic Black Metal band really set the mood for a nice Sunday, and made us not regret sleeping few hours on our early Monday. “The Angel of light”, the debut album of the band is hell on earth and amazing live too. This is one of the groups that you have to love live. They play every tone from the heart. A band that plays and makes music for the love of music. No shallow appearance or over the top masquerade show, just a couple of guys that will make you get in the mood to feel the beauty of metal. Really looking forward to seeing them again live. This is the best review you can give a band after a concert, the fact that they made you want to see them again live. We need more bands like Burning Darkness in the word. Kudos boys, come back soon!

Overall the night was exceptional, bands that love what they are doing and give 100% no matter how many tickets have been sold.

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