~Thrash Metal from Costa Rica~

Hello guys first of all and thank you for doing this ! The tour is done so how’s the idea of being “normal” again? Since when you’re on the road?

Hi Miruna, cheers from sunny Costa Rica! Thank you for taking your time and always being there for Heresy, we appreciate it a lot. Well, after 3 months on the road you tend to feel nostalgic when you are not constantly moving from one city to another while sharing your soul to everybody night after night. I love the way you specify “normal” cause I’m sure you know how it is, being in love with this type of lifestyle you hardly consider yourself normal, for example, we are already working on new material while doing the Central American run for the ¨Blasphēmia¨ album, so insanity keeps on going!

You had plenty of gigs this tour in our country, how would you describe the feelings on Romanian soil?

Romania will always be in our hearts and souls, back in 2014 it was the first European country we played and the people who lived there have always supported us beyond our wildest dreams, the shows are vibrant and the Metal is rampant among the land.

What can you tell us about the latest album? On a scale from 1 to 10 how much you’re satisfied with? 

Miruna I can tell you we are fully satisfied with this material, it contains a lot of what was happening in our personal lives when we created it, hate, depression, anxiety, blood and a bunch of effort and sacrifices, is the culmination of a work that started some years ago. We painfully love it.

About 2 months ago you played in Bucharest in Quantic. What do you think about the venue? I think it’s the first time you played here, right?

It absolutely kills! From the venue itself to the professionalism of the staff who works there is an amazing experience, one of the best places we have ever played in Europe for sure. And yes, first time and looking forward for many more.

What do you think about our local scene and audience compared to Costa Rica’s?

From our perspective being an emerging band we can see how our shows are getting bigger, this both in Europe as it is here in Central America. Heresy is a 7 year old band who just released a second LP so it is amazing to see the increase of people coming to our shows and supporting the band every time we tour, both here and there.

Thank you for doing this & I hope to see you again very soon ! Last words belong to you..

 I will always remember the first time an European news outlet ask me to do an interview, we were on the German leg of our second European Tour ¨The European Trials¨ and it was requested by you Miruna, this is one of the many reasons why we love Romania, not only because of how beautiful your country is (We played 12 shows and visited more than 10 cities some months ago) but because of the amazing and talented people who lives there and the support we receive from all of you, we miss you all already. We´ll meet again, that’s for sure.


Jos Raley.

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