Superlynx release second album “New Moon”

Stoner Psychedelic Doom Metal from Norway

Superlynx, the stoner psychedelic doom metal band from Norway, has released its second full length album entitled “New Moon” on the 15th of March, 2019.

The doom/ psych trio from Oslo\Moss, Norway formed in 2013. Their first audio material was their debut full length album entitled “LVX” and was released in 2016, through Duplicate Records. The band quickly build themselves a reputation for giving very powerful and atmospheric shows, fact which is owed to their love of playing live shows.

The line-up of the band is as follows:

Pia Isaksen – Bass Guitar/Vocals
Daniel Bakken – Guitar
Ole Teigen – Drums/Vocals

The new album, as mentioned above, was released on the 15th of March of this year, through Dark Essence Records and contains 10 tracks.


  1. Hex
  2. Breath
  3. Becoming the Star
  4. New Moon
  5. Indian Summer
  6. These Children That Come at Us with Knives
  7. Scarecrow
  8. Cold Black Sea
  9. The Groove
  10. The Thickest Night

You can purchase “New Moon” via the band’s official bandcamp page here.

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