Vous Autres release debut album “Champ du Sang”

Blackened Sludge Metal from France

From France hails the blackened sludge metal duo Vous Autres, band which released its first full length album entitled “Champ du Sang” on the 1st of March this year.

Vous Autres formed in 2017 in France and play a blend of black metal and sludge metal with doom metal. The same year as its formation, the band releases its first material in the form of an EP entitled “Trente pièces d’argent”.

The line-up consists of:

β – Vocals
₣ – Guitars, Bass, Vocals

Champ du Sang” contains 9 tracks full of dark atmosphere and heavy sludgy vibes. The artwork has been done by Romain Barbot.

Tracklist :

  1. Sans Lendemain
  2. Pauvre Animal, Simple Pantin
  3. En Souffrance Devant Dieu
  4. Vos Erreurs Consternantes
  5. Tes Jours Passés
  6. Vers Ce Ciel Noir
  7. Le Gouffre Est Devant
  8. La Tristesse De Tes Déboires
  9. Une Dernière Fois

You can buy the album on the following official bandcamp pages:

Vous Autres Official Bandcamp


The Sludge Lord Records Official Bandcamp



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