ONSLAUGHT- a new confirmation at Rockstadt Extreme Fest 2019

UK Thrash

ONSLAUGHT was set-up by Nige Rockett and Steve Grice in Bristol in 1982, initially under the sign of hardcore punk influences, and then turning directly to the sound of trash metal. After a few changes in composition and hiatus, the band has re-emerged actively since 2005 to complete their musical record. The last changes in lineup took place in 2018 to bring a “more powerful and aggressive sound than ever before,” according to Rockett’s statement for Blabbermouth.

The band’s debut album, “Power from Hell” (1985), marked the clear punk turn to songs with strong heavy metal influences, with satanic lyrics and a dark sound. Only a year later followed the second recording, entitled “The Force,” which was followed by touring alongside Motörhead, Exciter, Girlschool, Kreator, Nuclear Assault, Agent Steel, Angel Dust, Exumer , Messiah, Sabbat or Anthrax.

In spite of the frequent changes in band lineup, “In Search of Sanity” was released in 1989, the third one, which reached 46th in the British charts and was followed by a one-year tour with bands like Annihilator , Xentrix, Slammer, the Crumbsuckers, Horse, Drunken State or Dead On.

2007 brings new record, “Killing Peace,” and in 2009, Onslaught recorded a live album that includes the show at the Damnation Festival in Leeds. Followed by “Sounds of Violence” (2011) and “VI” (2013), launched by the Thrash Invasion tour, a tour that included shows in the US, Canada, Brazil, Chile and other North American countries; South.

Currently, the band is working on the seventh album to be released later this year.

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