Zos Vel Thagirion-Split Album

Inferno / Devathorn

Devathorn is a black metal trio from Athens, Greece. The band has been active in the scene for more than 12 years.

In 2018 Devathorn released a split with the infamous Inferno hailing from the Czech Republic.

Titled “Zos Vel Thagirion”, a newborn spawn arises from the very depths of dementia, materialized upon this plane and beyond.

Black metal as spiritual development, black metal as spiritual warfare: the intrepid listener shall find both across the vast landscapes of “Zos Vel Thagirion”, at the skilled hands of Inferno and Devathorn collectively.

Omphalos gives you the feeling that you are in a temple where a human sacrifice is to be made.The drumming is primitive and sounds antique like drums used by tribes in battles.Somehow this track reminded me of Kriegsmaschine.Azazyel Iscariot opens the split in a chaotic and brutal manner.The riffs are abrasive but despite that, they still give a note of melodicity to the song by going hand in hand with blast beats and vocals of Althagor.

The first song that is played by Inferno is more like a journey into an unknown space, giving the shamanic feeling I could say.The vocals are strong,full of esoteric vibes and the drumming is insane, Sarapis plays like he is a eight handed beast from the deepths of hell.The two songs “Solitary Immersion into Autarchic Silence” and “Zos Vel Thagirion” seem to penetrate into your mind and induce you in meditation by ignoring anything around you and mastering your mind.

The artwork of the album is penned by the fabled Jose G.A. Sabogal and manipulated by the infamous Mentalporn, this split album is indispensable arsenal in both bands’ grand, girded canons.

The collaboration on “Zos Vel Thagirion” between Devathorn and Inferno is marvellous, both bands creating a dark spiritual atmosphere

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