Helheim to release new studio album “Rignir” in April

Helheim, Norway

The well-known Viking black metal pioneers from Norway, Helheim, will release a new studio album entitled “Rignir” on the 26th of April 2019.

The band was formed in 1992 in Bergen, Norway by V’gandr and H’grimnir. Since the beginning, the style the band plays has always been Viking black metal, a fact which can clearly be seen in some of the names of the releases the band has under their belt (Helheim -1993, Jormungand -1995).

With more than 25 years of composing music in the name of the realm of the dead (as the band puts it), the band has released 9 full length albums, two demos and two EPs.

The current line-up of the band is composed of:

V’gandr – bass guitar and vocals

Hrymr – drums and drum programming

H’grimnir – vocals and guitars (rhythm)

Reichborn – guitars (lead)

The latest released that will be added to their resume will be “Rignir”, which will be out on the 26th of April this year. To promote the release of their upcoming album, Helheim will go on a European Tour together with Vulture Industries, tour which will reach Romania as well. The tour dates for Romania are Bucharest (25th of April at Club Quantic) and Cluj-Napoca (26th of April at the Flying Circus). Also, they have released a song from said album entitled “Kaldr”, which can be listened to and viewed on Youtube.


  1. Rignir
  2. Kaldr
  3. Hagl
  4. Snjóva
  5. Ísuð
  6. Vindarblástr
  7. Stormviðri
  8. Vetrarmegin

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