Fetor release split album “Onset of Horrendosity” with Crepitation


The brutal death metal act from Mysłowice / Warsaw, Fetor, has released a split album with Crepitation from the United Kingdom. The split is entitled “Onset of Horrendosity” and was released on the 25th of January, 2019.

Fetor was founded in 2014 in the Polish city of Warsaw. It started out with Ojciec on guttural vocals,
Jakub Ryt on guitars and bass guitar and Jacek Gut on drums. In 2018, Biskup (Maciej Biskup) joined the band, replacing Beton (Daniel Grotkiewicz) on bass guitar. So far, they have released a split album in 2015 entitled “Human Abattoir” alongside bands such as “Feto in Fetus”, “Goremitory”, “Cranial Blowout” and “Splattered Genocide”, and also their only full length album to date entitled “Abandoned Hope” which was released in 2016. They have also produced a live album entitled “No Poems Just Slam” in 2018.

The split album with Crepitation has been released through Deformeathing Production on the 25th of January and contains 5 tracks, two by Fetor and three by Crepitation.


  1. Fetor – Killing Her Softly
  2. Fetor – Killing Her Softly (Live in Chorzów 2018)
  3. Crepitation – Archeological Clacker Valve Array
  4. Crepitation – Perpetrators of Pre-Pubescent Porta-Potty Poo Pipe Punishment
  5. Crepitation – Antiques Chodeshow

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