Downcross-Mysteries of Left Path Album review

After a Demo released in 2015, this dynamic duo manages to record an album in 2018. Official release date being 21st of February 2019.  I recommend this album for...

After a Demo released in 2015, this dynamic duo manages to record an album in 2018. Official release date being 21st of February 2019.  I recommend this album for anyone that is searching for some deep Black metal. It has its fair share  of innovation, still room for improvement. For a debut album it has clear direction and aims for a specific type of audients. Heavy influents by legendary Black metal bands mixed with new popular vibes. The album contains 8 songs:

1.Where Illusions Sink In Accausal Fire;

2.Baning The Energies Of Creation;

3.Reviving The Ancient Darkness;

4.Black Flame Of Reason And Will;

5.Into The Formless Darkness Transforming;

6.In The Name Of The Ruthless Azerat;

7.The Skies Of Stars Will Turn Into Nothin;

8.In The Depth Of Masak Mavdil.

The band members being Ldzmr responsible for vocals and drums and Dzmtr, guitar. The first song of the album descends into a gloomy yet still intense vibe. The pulsating guitar makes your blood boil, the bass stands out in the song having a powerful sound. The song is repetitive setting the mood for the rest of the album. If I could change something about this song will be the vocals. The vocals a bit dull. The second song “Baning The Energies Of Creation” is much stronger and explodes from the first bit with powerful guitar riffs, definitely a song made for headbanging.  In “Black Flame Of Reason And Will;” you can clearly feel a strong Mayhem influence. Nothing wrong in being inspired by a Black metal legend but still a bit too much. I know some prefer a firm black metal roots but I really feel like we need to improvise more even If that means leaving the borders of a gender. “Into The Formless Darkness Transforming;” is pleasant song, still repetitive but with a nice mix of vocals and energetic guitar riffs. Well placed breakdowns and pulsating atmosphere.   For a song that is 4 minutes, as repetitive at it is still feels like is too short, which suggests that the duo did a good job with the mixing of the elements of the song. “In The Name Of The Ruthless Azerat;” sound like the second part of the previous song. It maintains the same repetitive mood but amplifies the breakdowns. The main attraction of it being the vocals which are surrounded by guitar riffs give it a more depressive vibe. “The Skies Of Stars Will Turn Into Nothing;” is my favorite song from this album. At the beginning it gives you the sensation that is an instrumental song, only for the vocals to creep on you when you least expected. I like that, even If it still has the repetitive instrumental, the vocals appearing and disappearing now and then, makes it good. With this kind of albums, you do get the idea of the structure of the melody early in the song, with this one is hard to figure if the vocals are coming or an intensive guitar breakdown. It came as a big surprise I was expecting the track to be gloomier, to fit the beginning of the album, but this is not the case. Being the second last song is reinforcing and makes you beg for more. Almost as an apocalyptic ending. The suffering and devastation is strong, this cannot be the end. This kind of ending is amazing in a concert, if you are not the last band, keeps the fans pumped for the next band or makes them scream “We want more!”. ‘’ In The Depth Of Masak Mavdil “tricks you for a second to believe that they make a soft ending song, but still maintains the reinforcing vibe of the previous song. Now and then you can taste some soft guitar chords that resembles  with a piano only to descend into pure madness and slowly ends leaving the need for more. We need more! Really looking forward to seeing how this band is going to progress over the years.

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