Cannibal Corpse live in Romania for 2 shows

13th of June

When it comes to death metal, Cannibal Corpse is one of the best bands out there. With over three decades of activity and 14 studio albums, Cannibal Corpse is one of the bands who have kept the sound of death metal authentic.

The band was formed by artists who were already active in the death metal scene, among them being Paul Mazurkiewicz, Alex Webster and Chris Barnes. The latter would later leave the band in 1995, being replaced by George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher.

The band has had different problems along the years, caused by the bands lyrics especially, with some American politicians wanting to banned them, because in their opinion Cannibal Corpse was undermining the national character of the United States. In Australia they have been banned for 10 years between 1996 and 2006, and currently, only if you are over the age of 18 you are allowed to buy their albums. They had the same problem in Germany as well, where they were not allowed to play tracks off of their first three albums, “Eaten Back to Life” (1990), “Butchered at Birth” (1991) and “Tomb of the Mutilated” (1992). In Russia, from a total of eight shows, six were cancelled after various religious groups did everything possible to ban the band from playing in the country.

Currently, Cannibal Corpse have an unchanged line-up since 2005, consisting of:

Alex Webster – bass

Paul Mazurkiewicz – drums

George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher – vocals

Pat O’Brien – lead guitar

Rob Barrett – rhythm guitar

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