Avatar Of Hate released their second video lyrics

Romanian Symphonic Death Metal

The song is called “Requiem of the Faithless” and is included on EP’s “A New Temptation” currently on the main online music platforms to be released in physical form soon. The EP includes 4 tracks plus two more orchestral variants of the two tracks.

Avatar Of Hate fits into the extreme metal band with dramatic symphonic orchestrations and complex orchestral arrangements. The band’s style represents a spiritual return to the old roots of the Avatar (ro) band from the beginning of the band.

The formula that participated in the recordings is:

Dan Scurtu: keys / chit / bass
Alex Muscan: Voices
Franky Costanza: drums (3 pieces)
Krzysztof Klingbein: drums (1 piece)

The EP is produced by Thomas Plec Johansson (The Panic Room)

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