Swallow the Sun- When a shadow is forced into the light

Album review

Swallow the Sun needs no further introduction for what this band is, considering the fact that they have fans all around the world. Beginning with the year 2000 when Juha Raivio formed the band together with Pasi Pasanen continuing with a full line-up in 2001, every single album from them has its own fingerprint, a unique desolate sound, a grief invasion played on guitar riffs. “When a shadow is forced into the light” might be one of my favorite albums since I first listened to Hope which was released in the early days of 2007. This album is a mix of melancholic sections and harsh vocals here and there. Along this journey of listening to this jewel, the image of Aleah keeps coming to my mind. The album title taken from the song Broken Mirror by Trees of Eternity, is with no doubt another creation dedicated to the the memory of Aleah. I must say that I noticed that clean vocals are used a lot more than the harsh ones and I find it very nice; it binds very well with the instrumental part. It’s like singing poetry, ballads for those long gone. Mikko has made it his trademark between screams, growls and clean singing. In my opinion, he truly stands among the finest metal vocalists of this era. The whole production it perfect, for sure it deserves a 10/10 and makes me very curious how the vinyl record will sound like.

My favorite track off of the album is the 4th one “Upon the water”.  You can hear the sound of fragility in it and is marked by screams and clean vocals which will make you reflect upon the main idea of the album “death is stronger than life, love is stronger than death” and you can feel the presence of Aleah, like a guide to the entire album. Overall the songs carry the same dark emotions which are carried by the use of strings and heavy riffs and the ambiance which make them melodic. One cannot listen to this masterpiece without noticing that the most incredible elements of this album consists in the weeping sound of the strings, the haunting keyboard sounds and of course the voice which completes the art itself.

This band always had a wistful sensibility, which now is amplified by the grief of the empty space left behind. Somehow this album differs from the past ones, I felt it much lighter, more close to the heart and somehow optimistic from many points of view because despite all the suffering, the light seem to be at the end of the tunnel.

Track list:

1. When A Shadow Is Forced Into The Light
2. The Crimson Crown
3. Firelights
4. Upon The Water
5. Stone Wings
6. Clouds On Your Side
7. Here On The Black Earth
8. Never Left

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