Thrash Metal Invasion: Interview with Exorcizphobia

~Thrash metal from Czech Republic~

Hello Tomas ! Congrats for your show in Bucharest was pretty killer ! Let’s talk a bit about the latest album you’ve released last year About Us Without Us. It’s your second full length what can you tell us about it? How was the production, the lyrics who is charge with them and what means to you as a band ?

Hello! Thank you very much, we really enjoyed that night in Bucharest! …That’s correct. “About Us Without Us” is our second full-length. First LP “Something Is Wrong” was released in 2012, so it took a while. But we made a couple of split albums in between, so we are not so lazy as it seems. J
Yeah, we are pretty proud about the last one, I like how’s it turned out, even though it’s not perfect, but who cares about to being perfect, right? Album was recorded and mastered in Pulton Studio by Michal Martinec. It wasn’t for the first time over there for us, so it was fun as always. Michal is really skillfull guy, it was pleasure to work with him again. Well, i wrote the most of the music and lyrics, most of the songs are just about experiences, struggles related with my life journey, with a process of learning. Music has been always a sort of therapy for me… Then title song is about Munich agreement and last track is inspired by story of H.P. Lovecraft.
What is the provenience of your band name Exorcizphobia?

We found the band in 2005 as a teenagers. Our first name was Deathmarch, but we found some other band with a same name back then. So we wanted to come up with something original. Jan, former bass player came out with Exorcizphobia and we liked it, so we kept it. I remember there was some hidden meaning, but it was pretty complicated and it was exhausting still trying to explain it to everybody who’s asked for it. J  So it’s just a name. Just a weird name nobody other has… 🙂

Last month you played in Bucharest in Quantic. What do you think about the venue? I think it’s the first time you played here, right?

Quantic is really cool venue. Huge stage with a great sound, professional and kind crew, comfortable backstage… just sweet! I’ve played in Bucharest a couple years ago with E-FORCE band at Fabrica, also cool venue, but I gotta say I enjoyed this show in Quantic much more.

What’s your motivation to keep creating and performing music and to continue touring? Are there any countries you’d like to go and play?

It’s really simple. This is the way i wanna live my life. Even though it’s not easy to keep it rolling sometimes. I don’t know about anything better than doing the music, travel and sharing it with a cool people.
We love traveling and visiting new places, so we are ready to play everywhere possible. Touring the Europe is always fun, but would be cool to visit some other continent finally. We have some interesting plans with our brothers HERESY for next year, so let’s see.

Can you tell us what is the most wonderful experience you had touring?

It’s hard to choose one specific moment, or so… I love the entire process of being on the road, play our music at different places every night, meet new people. Of course we have a couple of crazy and funny stories from the road and such, but most of them are unpublishable or nontransferable i guess. J
I should mention those shows, when you have a chance to share the stage with some band you look up to, with your musical heroes. It’s always extraordinary experience. We were on a short tour over Czech Republic with NAPALM DEATH last year. Sold out venues every night, brilliant organization, great times indeed. In the past we supported EXODUS, VOIVOD, D.R.I., M.O.D. etc. It was truly inspiring.

What do you think about our local scene and audience compared to the Czech one?

There is lot of similarities among us i think. People on the concerts are truly involved, not shy to get crazy in the pit and party hard! That’s the way we like it. J We saw a lot of teenage metalheads on Romanian shows, which is really great. I don’t know to much Romanian bands, but i like those we met on the concerts. I hope my knowledge about your scene will be improved during some further tour over Romania. 🙂

Thank you for doing this, I really enjoyed seeing you live & I hope to see you back on our soil asap !

Many thanx for your support and kind words Miruna, we really appreciate it. Cheers to the all Romanian metal fans and readers of Din Intunerec. We gonna be in your lovely country back again soon, i swear! :)Multumesc!


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