Árstíðir [is] live at Quantic-opening acts: Zammorian and Brute

Árstíðir [is] live at Quantic-opening acts: Zammorian and Brute
Quantic Club is pleased to be the host for the Árstíðir show in Bucharest.
 The show will be held on February 11 2019.
Árstíðir is an Icelandic group of indie-folk / post-rock with classical influences that comes for the second time at Quantic to sing from the “heart of Iceland”.

“If you long for a combination between Sigur Ros and Radiohead, you’ve found what you’re looking for -” (JER, SLeeping Bag Studios) – maybe one of the best descriptions of the band’s special sound, which will surely make you curious, if you’re already a fan of Arstidir.
The band was set up in 2008 in Reykjavik, Iceland, when Daniel Auoussin, Gunnar Mar Jakobsson and Ragnar Olafsson discovered their common passion for vocal harmonies, all members performing both instrumental and vocal. The basic rule that they have followed since the first day is that the songs should not be driven in a given direction but must flow in their will. The first pieces composed in this formula have references to Icelandic nature and the tones of the seasons, hence the inspiration for the name of Arstidir, which means seasons in Icelandic.
After the first four months, they were on the national radio station, with the song “Sunday Morning”. Later Jonas Jensson and Jon Elisson joined the project with their double bass and piano notes.
The first album was released in 2009 and bears the name of the band, “Arstidir”. A year later, the band became a sextet, Karl James Pestka and his violin, completing the formula with which they left in the first European tour. In the same year, they released their second album ‘Svefns og voku skil’, produced by friend and collaborator Olafur Arnalds. In 2014, they launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $ 70000 enough to help them release their third album, Hvel. An album that went beyond the musical comfort area and brought electric sounds to the sound.
The band emerged when a clip with them interpreting Icelandic hymns in a train station became viral. The unpredictable session brought them collaborations with the Swedish band Pain of Salvation and Anneke Van Giersbergen, a Dutch artist with whom they collaborated for their fourth album, Verloren Verleden.
At present, Arstidir means: Daniel Audunsson (guitar and voice), Gunnar Mar Jakobsson (guitar, baritone guitar and voice), Karl James Pestka (violin, viola and voice) and Ragnar Olafsson (piano, baritone guitar and voice)

Zammorian is a post-psychedelic / progressive post-rock group that creates music, visuals and stories. It was founded by a group of Romanian artists, architects and designers.
Their instrumental music tells, in a cinematic style, a SF universe with esoteric dimensions and narrative springs that stretch over centuries. Behind the songs is a complex mythos, short stories and a distinct visual language. They complement and support music and are revealed over time, sometimes during concert projections, sometimes through poster designs or on the site of zammorian.com.
The Zammorian live shows are immersive, memorable experiences where music and visuals (generated live by Awkwarizmi) create powerful and introspective states for the public.
The first album, ‘The Theory of Absence’, is due to be released in 2019 in two parts for an hour. The first single on ToA, The Great Escape, was released in November, online. YouTube, Bandcamp, and SoundCloud.


𝐁ogdan, Daniel, Mihai, Andrei
𝐑ock alternative / post-grunge / maybe punk
One of the things we believe in is the free spirit.
Stuff with which we felt good on the stage: ZOB, SKA-NK, URA DE DUPA USA.
Time to wake up from the induced sleep in which modern society crawls, and our music feeds on it. LIBERUM AETERNUM, mofos \ m / !!

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