Orkid IIIxIII Sessions/ Zammorian/ Coven Clash @ Quantic

short review

Coven Clash were the first opening act for the night. A new name for me actually; I heard about them a few weeks ago and I can say that I liked their show. A Pretty energic show with a “teen spirit” kind of vibe, these guys did a great job despite the fact that there were few people in front of the stage. I am not sure how many live appearances they had, but I have to say that they were a bit clumsy here and there.

Next band was Zammorian who are a pretty new name in my book as well, but listening to them live made me feel like I have a new favorite band. A unique sound with no voice interruption, Zammorian did a very nice job two Fridays ago. I do think that this band has some great musicians, despite the complexity of their sound in the end I managed to follow the line. I am so happy that I am going to re-live the experience pretty soon, next month when they’ll play as opening act for Arstidir, in Quantic of course. 

We’re moving forward to the headliners which were Orkid. This band is actually one of the few bands from our country who manages to impress me even after I saw them for more than four times already. 

A shoegaze at its finest, with a voice I can’t compare to others, it was a bit different than last year when I saw them in the four members formula, but nothing bad. I do honestly think they will have success beyond our borders. Keep an eye on them, because I am very sure they will bring something new on the table very soon.

Until next time !


pictures by Valentin Diaconescu

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