Burning Darkness / NocturN – Night Ritual Tour 2019

Burning Darkness / NocturN - Night Ritual Tour 2019

Line-up :

Burning Darkness (Swe)
(melodic black metal)

NocturN (Ro)
(black metal)
[ Album release – Thrones of Deception ]

Dates :

21 March – Timisoara – Reflektor
22 March – Petrosani – Barock
23 March – Iasi – The Gate
24 March – Bucuresti – Quantic

Burning Darkness:

The band was founded in December 1999 by drummer Germán Echiburu (Helvegen, Nazghor, Katharos, Chainsaw, Circle Of Chaos, Divine Dominion, Division Vansinne). In the early years Burning Darkness recorded 3 demos and played live frequently in and around Stockholm, Sweden. Many line-up changes took place during this period and in 2004, after playing more than 30 live shows, the band split up.

In 2009 Burning Darkness decided to start again with a new line-up centred around drummer Germán and guitarist Joel Brink. Two more demos were recorded in the following years. One in 2009 and in 2012 another one was recorded in Norrköping with Devo (Marduk). Later on that same year the band met Mike Wead (King Diamond, Mercyful Fate) and started to record our full-length debut.

2013 new guitarist Daniel Wennersten (Dark Forest of North, Hadriel) was recruited and 2014 saw the return of original vocalist Per Kolderup-Finstad (Circle Of Chaos, Mortifera, Svartur Dödur). The full-length album “The Angel of light” was released October 2017.

Bass player Ghiaur (VokodloK) joined the band in 2017 and switched to guitar in 2018 when Joel decided to leave the band.

In the spring of 2018 Severin Gottsén (Decadence, Traumatage) completed the lineup on bass.

Burning Darkness is currently doing live gigs and writing material for their second album.


2000 – Risen out of hell (demo)

2002 – As Night Falls (demo)

2003 – Rites of Mist (demo)

2009 – Dark Times (demo)

2012 – Demonic Bloodline (demo)

2017 – The Angel of Light (Full-lenght album)


Dead Architect (guitars and vox)
(bass and backing vox)


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