Katechon to release new studio album “Sanger Fra Auschwitz”

death/black metal from Trondheim/Norway

KATECHON started up in 2011 in Trondheim, Norway, by 5 members from different local metal and punk bands who were fed up by doing music by the numbers. They recorded an eponymous demo in 2012 which gained a strong amount of positive feedback from the underground and this demo paved their way to get signed to Nuclear War Now! Productions. During their tenure in Nuclear War Now!, KATECHON spawned two acclaimed albums — the debut “Man God Giant” in 2013 and  the sophomore album “Coronation” in 2015.


After the second album, the band decided to go on without their guitarist PGS and the drummer MD for personal reasons. Shortly thereafter Kråbøl (from Thorns and Sarke) took over on drums and CB became the sole guitar architect of the band. With this line-up they spent almost one and a half year in the studio recording the third opus “Sanger Fra Auschwitz”. During the studio sessions, Nuclear War Now! and KATECHON decided to part ways, and soon they found a new label, SATURNAL RECORDS, with whom they feel they can pursue their musical goals even further.

With the album “Sanger Fra Auschwitz”, KATECHON takes a deep dive into the darkest places of the collective human psyche. Here Auschwitz is not just the physical, but also the meta-physical manifestation of evil on earth. The record is a view into the events of the second world war and how it affected the people on both sides. It is anti-totalitarian in form, drawing textually from Paul CelanT.S. Eliot and beat poetry. The music is cold and bleak, which is ironic considering they spent over one year recording it, utilizing a lot of guitar effects, synthesizers and mellotrons to achieve the full and rich sound it conjures. With this album KATECHON kills off the esoteric child diseases they had in their early years and head straightforward into the entropy of collective madness. The band has also weakened the magnitude of death metal attachment in this record and brought forth a more harrowing black metal commanded approach. “Sanger Fra Auschwitz” is 37 minutes of pure darkness.

Recorded: NORDSTERN studios in 2017-2018
Music and Lyrics: KATECHON
Mastered, Mixed and Engineered: Christian Broholt
Cover Artwork: Martin Schreiner
Will be available for PRE-ORDER from the next month.



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