Antimatter and Abigail live in Quantic Club

Antimatter and Abigail live in Quantic Club

Final Step Productions presents an exceptional show of the gorgeous British rock band Antimatter. They are on a tour to promote their new album “Black Market Enlightenment”, which was released on November 9, 2018. Special guests of this evening are the doom-deaths from Abigail, with an unusual acoustic set specially chosen for this event.

The earlier Antimatter albums, Saviour and Lights Out, focused on melodic vocal lines (often by guest female vocalists), dark electronica and balanced on the borderline between gothic and trip hop. Planetary Confinement marked the start of a shift towards more of an acoustic based melancholic rock sound. Leaving Eden, with Mick Moss as the only songwriter and singer, continues in this direction and also gives electric guitars a more prominent role. The result is a heavier sounding album, with little trace of the ambient sound of early Antimatter. The album Fear of a Unique Identity presents a more layered, energetic picture, mixing all of Antimatter’s past textures with a New Wave feel.

All along, Antimatter stands for reflective, melancholic music that is better defined by Mick Moss’ charismatic vocals and an emotional undertone than by any stylistic pigeon-holing or mind-cuffs. An important landmark in the founding of Antimatter was Duncan Patterson leaving his former band Anathema, whose albums “Eternity” and “Alternative 4” were strongly informed by his song-writing input.

Once upon a time in early 1988, one man laid his hands upon a guitar and decided to start a band in the style of Black Sabbath and Metallica. Having met like-minded people, they began rehearsing, and in 1993 they played their first “outside-of-the-apartment” gig at Metalfan Fest in Bucharest under the name of Punct Mortal (literally translated as Mortal Point). It was at this point they decided to take a new direction, and “Abigail” was born. So began the new journey under the name inspired by King Diamond’s Abigail album and mythological stories. The first official announcement of “Abigail” was in a magazine, in January 1994. The two founding members, Razvan “R” Alexandru (guitar/vocals) and Tudor “G” George (drums).

Thursday, 21 March 2019
Quantic Club
Bucharest, Grozavesti Entrance

Tickets: HERE

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