Orkid – Live in Quantic

Opening acts: Zammorian + Coven Clash

While celebrating its third year of existence and at the same time the return to the original trio formula, Orkid starts a series of three special events, the final one taking place on the 29th of May, on the exact date of their very first concert.
Three bands for each one of the three gigs, lots of new stuff & some crazy Rock’n’Roll, that’s the IIIxIII.

The first one of the series is also the first Orkid gig on 2019 in Bucharest & their first one in Quantic, alongside two bands they never played with before which are soon to be announced.

Orkid are a crazy bunch of angry shoegazers howling the post-traumatic blues.
They share a great respect, admiration and love for all the beasts of the world, particularly for the sea monsters and they are on a continuous and neverending quest for improving the means of communication between marine, terrestrial and extraterrestrial life forms.
They have released their first album, Standing Still in the Dark, in October 2016, followed by the Beast Apart single, in December 2017, Suruaika EP, in April 2018 and the Daily Extinction single in December 2018 all of them available here:

Orkid is a cinematic music project, due to the fact that Vlad is a film director and screenwriter and Radu (the other founding member of the band)– an animator and visual artist, also responsible for the imagery of the band.

The band:

Vlad Ilicevici – guitars, keys, vocals
Radu Pop – drums, art direction
George Frătica – bass

Opening Acts:


Zammorian is a post-psychedelic / post-rock group that creates music, visuals and stories. It was founded by a collective of Romanian artists and designers in late 2014. The music is instrumental and has been cited as being cinematic with progressive and electronic influences. The shows are accompanied by a set of abstract live visuals, generated by Awkwarizmi, the VJ artist of the group, based on the story and the music.

Coven Clash

Coven Clash is a punk/ garage rock/ indie rock/ new-wave punk/ stone trio from Bucharest.
And they are:

Mircea Voloh – guitar, vocals
Robert Casmirovici – bass, vocals
Andrei Constantinescu – drums

Band Support

Open Doors: 20:00

tickets can be purchased on IaBilet  or here on AmBilet 
20 lei, presale until thursday, 17th of January

30 lei, general access on the event day

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