Carnifliate si Snogg live in Bucuresti

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Carnifliate, the most stormy band from Slovenia, is making it’s way to Bucharest for the third year in a row!

If death metal and grindcore means everything to you, than Carnifliate is the type of band that makes you jump on the walls from the first track. Extremely dynamic, the young band from Slovenia is returning to club Yellow on the 3rd of February 2019. The concert will be part of their first tour of this year, in which they will present their new album entitled „Disgusting Festivities”, which will be released in spring.

SNOGG started off as a band back in 2013, having a name which was impossible to pronounce, name which was eventually changed to Snøgg (which means snow in slovenian). Their lineup is:


Ulv – guitar, keyboards, vocals, rituals

Mørke – drums, sorcery

Labeled as being „freeride black metal”, the band release their first demo in 2016, which is maybe one of the most experimental releases in recent years, followed by the Eps „Qivitoq” and „Abeloth”. Snøgg will also be showcasing their ne release entitled „Chhinnamasta”.


Eveniment Metal Under Moonlight (editia a 78-a).

YELLOW CLUB is located on Lucretiu Patrascanu street, number 1, Sector 3 (Bucharest).

The concert will take place on Sunday the 3rd of February 2019, at 20 o’clock (hour at which access to the public is permitted).

Common transportation: Subway (Costin Georgian station); RATB: 70, 79, 102, 253 (Lucretiu Patrascanu station), 92,101, 330, 335 (Parc Titan station).

Filming and taking photos is allowed during the show. Access with alcoholic beverages or food from outside the venue is prohibited. A CD and merch stand will be available at the event.

Ticket price: 20 lei (purchasable only at the venue, on the night of the concert).

Mention: this concert is a non-profit concert and all preceedings will be used for the organization of the concert.

Facebook event page:

Band Facebook pages:

Metal Under Moonlight event (edition 78)

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