Tenebres will release a new video

Tenebres released a teaser for a new video. This was announced before the ending of their last tour, “ Tour of the Dark Front I & II„ It will...
Tenebres released a teaser for a new video. This was announced before the ending of their last tour, “ Tour of the Dark Front I & II„ It will be for the song “Cry In Serenity” and will represent their second oficial video, the first one being “Pain Eternal”.
The members of Tenebres said about this song that “the song “Cry In Serenity” will be remastered for this video to better put into perspective the visual elements. Because of the erotic scenes, we have to restrict the viewership to 18+. Authentication is needed on YouTube for you to view it.
The story of what we are about to unveil, covers the Greek myth of Hades & Persephone, of course in a different perspective & interpretation. The shootings of the video have begun since early 2018 and even now we are working hard for the finale. The full official release will be somewhere in January 2019, but if everything goes well, it may be even sooner than that so stay tuned on the news websites.”
The videos is directed by Razvan M. Lupascu (Allyas Dweller) , Metalborne Photography & Tenebres”.
Tenebres “at first, can be clasified as black metal, but the keyboard’s melodics add a gothic tone while the cello lights and overcloud the whole athmosphere“. This is according to Diana Mertic, the cello player from Tenebres. The band was founded from the merge of different band members. Their final musical style merged alot of elements from black, goth and doom metal. They had alot of performances all around Romania in cities such as Bucharest, Iasi, Suceava, Timisoara or Tulcea. Tenebres played even outside Romania in Bulgaria’s capital, Sofia. They only have an album called “Pain Eternal”, which was released on 29th of October 2017 at Rock’N’Iasi “Indoor Edition” festival. Their playlist contains song such as “Pain Eternal”, “Cry In Serenity” or “Twilight of Fate”. They even play a cover from My Dying Bride for the song “My Hope, The Destroyer”. Even My Dying Bride noticed their cover and shared that video on their oficial social media page.
The teaser for the official video can be found on Tenebres’s YouTube page.
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