Mystifier, Brudny Skurwiel, Rotheads, Kroppen live in fabrica!/ Death Fest – 10 years

a double event review

– – HoodedCarcass’ last great gigs of this year- –

2018 is almost done and dusted and here is a short review of the last 2 gigs that I went to this year. Instead of publishing the 2 reviews separately, I’ll be trying a new format, an editorial-like double review.


Part I – Mystifier, Brudny Skurwiel, Rotheads, Kroppen live in fabrica!

The Brazilian legends played on 25th October, for the first time in Romania – Bucharest in Fabrica. This awesomeness was brought by none others than RTMC and Etrurian Legion Promotion. The show was part of their  “Under Black Magick Dynasty“ European tour.

It was a long-awaited show since our fellows’ maniacs from RTMC announced it.

The show begun with a totally understandable delay of a few minutes and the first band to get on stage was Kroppen. Unfortunately, even with this delay, I couldn’t make it to them, but I understand they were well received.

I got there just in time for the second band – Rotheads.

Rotheads a local Death Metal band that crushed the charts and raised the bar. Their show was clean and sharp, with bass guitar solos and putrid blast beats. Although I had a strange feeling that something was missing from their performance, maybe it was from the tiredness that comes with playing on a Thursday night or maybe it was due to the unexpectedly small crowd, however, it was the best way to start such a great event.

They were followed up by Brüdny Skürwiel that made a hell of a show. Their message is plain and simple “Fuck Christ” and so is their sound, as dirty and blasphemous as one would expect from a Polish band whose name is translated in English as “Dirty Fucker’’. The crowd was totally engaged in their act. In short, it was a total blast.

After a break Mystifier – the main band of the evening – got on stage. One could feel the ritualistic occult atmosphere that filled the entire venue. These great dudes are legends and their show is up and beyond any expectations. They played a mixture of fast and picking riffs with slow “ritualistic” areas. It was a total madness of occult and bad-ass tempos all wearing that unique Brazilian mark. It was a show to remember and a must for every fellow metalhead.


Part II – Death Fest 10 years

Death Fest 10 years has a history rooted in 2008 – Oradea as Death Fest when Ribcage held a series of events that brought the local crowd closer to the Death Metal scene.

Our favorite uncle Coro (Axa Valaha) and Ribcage Productions brought it to us on 19th October. It took place in Quantic, Bucharest.

We hurried to get there in time for the start, and, lucky me, it all begun with a short delay, so basically I got there right on time.

Malpraxis were the first band to get on stage and start the show. They played in a three formula (i.e. without a bass player), but it was a hell of a show. They played a Brutal Death Metal that’s all technical and gory that got the crowd engaged very fast. After an amazing performance, a break was mandatory.

Black Pestilence was to follow up on stage. Their sound is better experienced live. They started straight with fast classic Crust/Punk sound, just to merge it later in a Black Metal-Punk amalgamation. They were like the living proof of the genre’s evolution. The crowd got engaged and seemed pleased and excited all throughout the show. They sounded amazing and their performance was impressive. They seemed very proficient and technical with their work and the result was a blast.

Another short break and Blutrina got on stage in their diapers. They got the attention immediately by their unconventional stage costumes (that’s grind, folks!) and for their Looney Tunes-inspired attitude. Their show was total madness and one can’t just sit and not horse around when you have these crazy guys on stage.

And what for me was the main band of the night – Rectal Smegma followed up on stage. And that was the moment when you have to fire your therapist, hide the children and lie to your boss. They simply unleashed the insanity over the entire venue with their brutal, fast triggered riffs and drum beats. Everyone had to move, get in touch and what I love the most – be in a permanent connection with the band. (at a certain point people from the crowd got to scream stupid shit into the mic). A totally memorable performance full of energy and public interaction- awesomeness at its best. (what happens at a slam gig stays at a slam gig)

My night was over after this insanity, but the gig continued with Senzar, that I’ve understood it held a remarkable performance.


Overall, even if sooner than I’ve expected, my year in gigs and fests finished in a perfect manner. Kudos to all people involved!

And with these have been told:  this is both my last review on this year and my last contribution for the magazine also. Here’s me wishing them and you all the best in the year to come.

Cheers and as the classic saying goes: death to the false!


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