Sur Austru gig at the end of the year

29 of December.

Sur Austru is returning to Bucharest on the 29th of December in club Fabrica, as part of an exclusive show that will last almost two hours. “Atemporal” is a journey which sums up what was and what will be; it is a set  comprised of tracks which will feature on the band’s debut album, as well as a number of old compositions which remained under the name Negura Bunget. This will probably be one of the last occasions in which these old songs will be played live. Sur Austru is the project which rose from the ashes of Negura Bunget, continuing the the musical and lyrical concept of the latter band, under the guidance and vision of a group of musicians who have been active in several bands.

The band line-up consists of:

Stefan Zaharescu – vocal

Tibor Kati – vocals, guitar, keyboards

Corodan Ovidiu – bass guitar

Petrica Ionutescu – traditional instruments

Mihai FLorea – guitar

Hoit – guitar

Nabadan Sergiu – drums

In less than one year of activity, Sur Austru have already played several shows throughout Europe, followed by distinguished performances in Romania, as well as having recorded material that will be released in 2019 under the form of their debut album.

Other details about the gig will come up soon.

photo: Carlos Funes.


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