Live Show in Underground Pub - Buzau

This you can TRUST prepared another crazy event for the local fellows, so let’s hear it straight from the horse’s mouth:

” Come with us at an autochthonous Metal evening, western inspiration and descendant more than respectable!

Deathrattle (Bucharest) have been practicing with a passion for a few years and patiently studying with immediate efficiency that transposes you back in the spectacular 80s  (Minutes Before Death 2015 ) Any metalhead will recognize the attitude of worship towards style and devotion in assimilation of the massive lessons of the golden years and will appreciate the Minute before Death the value of emulation and the pleasure of a headbang  without no remorse!

The second material, Power Corrupts, is full of cool riffs and a “modern” groove (… it’s been 30 years?) In the 80’s vision, which gives its hand a more pronounced melodic, sober and melancholic intent. The modernization effect is thus updated, the lessons being done and the widespread effect in expression, but also as sources of influence, much more prepared moments and more savvy anticipations!

the fresh local thrashers are totally into  the thrash trail and promise to re-ignite the fires, not just for the DRI fans! We can only have enough fuel to cope with! Fuck the POSERS! GO! 
The event will take place in Pub Underground (59 Cuza Voda Street, Buzau) on Thursday, November 29, 2018, starting at 20:30.
Ticket price: 10 lei (at the entrance, in the evening of the concert)
Event schedule:
20:00 – Open Doors 21.30 – 22.30: Mental Disorder 23:00 – 00.30: Deathrattle
00:30 – Rockoteca Tasse and Alina
During the concert, photography and filming are allowed. Access to beverages outside the club is prohibited.
This You CAN TRUST (Possible Circle Association) uses the money on tickets for the next events, and so on. No profit but the good time! “

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