New album In the Woods… was released today!

New album In the Woods... was released today!

Norway has always been the most fertile of lands for experimental and avant-garde Metal. During the last three decades fabulous visionaries have pushed beyond boundaries time and time again, propagating the ever-healthy Metal underground and its myriad sub-genres. The most prestigious and mythical of all are the legendary IN THE WOODS… the originators of truly progressive Dark Metal.

In The Woods… is a dark, ambient avantgarde metal band from Kristiansand, Norway.

They started out as a death metal band called Green Carnation, but with the departure of main composer/guitarist Tchort to the band Emperor, they started the project called In The Woods… releasing a demo in 1993, The Isle Of Men, and a full-length album, Heart Of The Ages, in 1995. This album being unique to the time since the band expanded the limits of their black metal style into the soothing of keyboards and female vocals combined with eerie distorted vocals and clean singing as well.

The following Omnio (1997) is often regarded as their best album, a masterpiece featuring even more experimental music, 11 minute songs with more female vocals and reflexive lyrics, together with magical instrumental overtures. The third album Strange In Stereo (1999) brought an enigmatic change in style, since music got far more depressive and changing.

Their fifth album Cease the Day, released today is a summary of everything the band’s done previously.

 You cand listen the album here: Bandcamp

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