Decapitated, Hatesphere, Thy Disease, Grimaze & Dehydrated

14th of November @Quantic

Four bands right in the middle of the week, just in time to fill you up with energy for the remaining two days of work. First band on stage was Dehydrated, a female fronted death metal band from Siberia. They are band which reminds of Infected Rain and I think that this might be a trend lately. However, they didn’t impress, the sound was far away from what I’ve heard before on mp3.

Next band was Grimaze, a band from Bulgaria who already came twice in Romania and this was their third time, if I am not mistaken. A band which I personally think has a bright future in front of them. The guys are really great musicians. I was really happy for them because the public had more energy since the last time. If you didn’t hear them before, just lend an ear and you won’t regret it!

Thy Disease or “about how you can make the people jump and headbang”. 

These guys really kicked ass. From voice to instruments, they were honestly one of the best of Wednesday night. An industrial sound combined with harsh voice and powerful riffs. I hope to see them again soon.

Hatesphere– are you a Thrash fan? If so, you should really love these guys.

A specific thrash sound combined with death metal passages, blast beats which really breaks the monotony, Hatesphere managed to impress me (it was my first time seeing/listening to them) and also the public who seemed to enjoy it.

Decapitated is definitely one of those bands who don’t need any further introduction. Being familiar with most of their stuff and saw them changing from tech DM to more of a so called groove sound, they still manage to do a good job. With a very good voice and a very nice scenic presence, they are creating a very nice atmosphere which is impossible to make you stay quiet. Overall the show was a blast they played both old and new songs (especially from their latest album “Anticult”), but it had a minus: the volume. It was a bit too loud comparing to the other bands which played before, despite everything, Decapitated is and it will be one of those bands whose music will last forever and ever.

Thanks again to Metalhead and to Quantic for hosting and I hope to see the bands again soon.

Until next time!

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