First confirmations at Old Grave Fest 8

11-12 october 2019

We are honored to herald, for the first time in Romania, the arrival of legendary veterans of the famed NWOBHM scene, Blitzkrieg. A major influence for some of metal’s greatest such as Metallica, as well as masters of their own genre with milestone albums like A Time of Changes (1985) or Unholy Trinity (1995), Blitzkrieg have been proudly flown the heavy metal flag since their first demo tape, back in 1980, till their newest full length, released in April this year. Led by the ever charismatic Brian Ross, one of the most unique and powerful voices of heavy metal (also front man of another NWOBHM legend, Satan), the British troops will deploy next October to Bucharest, to ask us the one question that really matters: can we survive the Blitzkrieg?

Out of cold Norway, we’ll be welcoming new heavy/speed metal sensation Black Viper. After their Storming with Vengeance demo caused quite a stir in the underground back in 2016, their debut album Hellions of Fire (2018) reaffirmed what the fuss was all about: fast riffs, great vocals, high energy and all around well crafted songs, guaranteed to delight any old school metal fan.

Old Grave Fest 8. Fabrica Club, Bucharest, 11-12 October 2019.
More bands and ticket prices TBA.


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