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When you look back at the history of black metal scene, not only the foreign, but also the Polish one, there are not many bands that have withstood the test of time when it comes to the music they made and what they represented back then. Many groups have lost they specific sound and originality, they have simply joined mainstream. One of the acts that said a loud “NO” to such order of things is Graveland.

Graveland was brought to life in 1992 by Rob Darken. The main musical inspiration was the 80’s black metal like Venom or Bathory. First two demos issued in 1992 were “Necromanteion” and “Drunemeton”. Both materials were recorded in rather mid-tempos when compared to the typical black metal style of compositions. They were full of dark depth that was typical for the old doom metal stuff. Despite that, both demos were more close to the emerging black metal scene bacause of the typical vocal style, guitar sound and the presence of gloomy keyboard lines. At that time Darken was responsible for all the Graveland material recorded. In 1993 all had changed not only in the band but also in the whole Polish bm scene. In that year Behemoth released their second demo “The Return of the Northern Moon” (with intro / outro made by Darken) and Graveland a mile stone entitled “In the Glare of Burning Churches”.  I think there is no need to tell you how important was that demo for the whole scene. At that time it was Graveland and Behemoth who defined the Polish black metal. Their demo tapes were the essence of what black metal was back then. 

 Over the years, 2016 brought a long awaited split with Nokturnal Mortum. Each band prepared 3 compositions, the release was issued by Heritage Recordings under the title “The Spirit Never Dies”. In 2018, Graveland released a new full-length called “Dawn of Iron Blades”.

Turn of 2015/2016 is also the date of first Graveland gigs ever. The band not only played locally but also performed on some biggest metal festivals in Europe like Finnish “Steelfest” or French “Ragnard Rock Fest”.

Bolg means “wolf” in old Bulgarian. The birth place of Bolg is the little town of Radomir in 2003 and the band is formed by Krum Kostov, Kamael and Daniel Donchov. The first released song  is “Pagan Forces” – included in the Underground Black Metal compilation “We Worship…” (Christfuck Productions.). The first live show of Bolg is on 18.05.2003 in Blagoevgrad with other Bulgarian black metal bands as Darkmoon Rising, Grond and others.

Graveland and Bolg will be playing on 3 November in Bucharest, in Yellow Club.


– open doors : 19.30
BOLG : 20.30 – 21.15
GRAVELAND : 21.30 – 22.45

Tickets : HERE



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