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I’ve always been a fan of Polish black metal, and Kriegsmaschine are one of the reasons why.The grim-sounding black metal duo has been making unholy noise since 2002 and now they released their last album “Apocalypticists”

Kriegsmaschine still have their finger on our pulse and our fast-twitch muscle fibers, displaying a mastery of how to make their listeners move reflexively.

The rhythmic propulsions in these songs are also modern, in the sense that they display a bewitching inventiveness and become as much a source of surprise as a means of putting your head and body in motion.

The drumming and the bass line are especially marvelous and remains a vital, attention-grabbing ingredients throughout the album.Darkside must be an 8 handed demon from the Abyss, I can’t imagine how he can make such complex sounds.The vocal is both imperious and blood-freezing in their near-bestial savagery. The rhythms are full of blood-pumping life; the vocals burn with hatred; the melodies open our minds in fear of extinction

Preferring instead to just let the music wash over me I didn’t focuse on the lyrics but I am sure they are brilliant as M is a great lyricist.The lyrics are available on bandcamp.

“Residual blight”  is a  feeling of being at ease while still sitting at the edge of your seat.Kriegsmaschine’s razor guitars bleed steadily augustine. A slaking of the thirst, to drench the unquenched. A precision and clarity unrivaled, the percussion grabs hold of the rudder from the strings, to set course for the foreknown. A hypnotic halftime lulls you into a rhythmic embrace, from which you will not escape.

In truth, the album is relentlessly eerie and oppressive. As transfixing as the music is, the sense of gloom and terror it generates seeps ever more deeply under the skin as the minutes pass.

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