Mystifier, Brudny Skurwiel, Rotheads, Kroppen live in fabrica

Under Black Magick Dynasty

Old Grave it’s over but, our fellows’ maniacs from Official Romanian Thrash Metal Club together with Etrurian Legion,won’t let our souls burn in hell that easy, so they’ve prepared something for us ( everyone should get ready because this is when your therapist ll quit seeing you). Let’s just hear it all straight from the horse’s mouth :

“It’s never just a typical Thursday night when you see the Official Romanian Thrash Metal Club, Etrurian Legion Promotion and the club on the same poster. This time, however, I have prepared for you something really special: one of the most important bands of the non-Nazi black metal, the Brazilian from Mystifier!

Brazil’s contribution to the evolution of the extreme metal is unmistakable. Exponential for the fertility of the scene is that, when giants such as Sepultura or Sarcofago were preparing to put an end to the seminal stage of their career, another legend, Mystifier, was barely on the job. Wicca (1992) and Göetia (1993), the two albums that became essential for black metal, denote a fascination for occult practices described by Alistair Crowley, a fascination that does not stop only on the lyrics. Though full of intensity and violence, what really makes them special is the evil, ritualistic atmosphere that it releases and places them in a select club with materials such as Into the Drape or His Majesty at the Swamp.

For the first time in their European peripheries, Mystifier will also reach Romania. We have the honor to host them together with  Fabrica club on Thursday 25 October.”

Opening bands for Mystifier are:

” Brüdny Skürwiel is coming back after 7 months for the second show in Bucharest.
Inspired by true gods of underground like Nunslaughter, Sabbat, Gehennah, Nifelheim or Baphomet’s Blood; Brüdny Skürwiel was formed in 2013 by Michał as an implementation of his own vision of the most blasphemous and anti-trend band in the polish underground.

Rotheads: It is the year of 2018. Multiple reports have surfaced on an emerging underground cult living inside the sewers of Romania’s capital city, Bucharest. Although there have been sightings all over Europe, Interpol is especially worried about the stories about a group called Rotheads with a growing following among young people and engaging in the spread of antisocial behavior, adhesive inhalation rituals, ravenous acts of corpse culinary preparation and viral anti-cultural discourse. Some view the increase in rat population of 2017 as a direct result of this group’s proclivities. A Facebook page has been created for those interested in news about this phenomenon ( Although our investigators are not sure if this is related to the underground cult, a Bandcamp page through which they might be gathering funds for their deviant activities has been discovered (

Kroppen started in the summer of 2013 in a small Romanian town. Due to some members leaving we took a hiatus until 2015. With new forces and a refreshed line-up, they released their first EP. “

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