Two new releases from Agrypnie

Agrypnie released new album

At the beginning of 2004, Torsten H., the singer of the Black Metal band Nocte Obducta from Mainz, decided to set up a project for the materialisation of his own musical ideas. Agrypnie, which means insomnia, is chosen as the name. The demo CD produced at home will be released in January 2005 and received very good reviews in the media. Supreme Chaos Records, the record company that has signed Nocte Obducta, signed the project in April 2006. 

The new Agrypnie album “Grenzgænger” can be offhand entitled as their magnum opus. With a playing time of overall more than one hour Agrypnie have created a multifaceted cosmos of sound which drags the listener more and more towards the abyss. Enraged furiousness abruptly turns into disenchanting hopelessness and all boundaries of time and space seem to blur with every step you take towards infinity. The second album “Pavor Nocturnus” that is released at the same time contains songs from the split release with Fated which has not been available for years. The re-recording of these songs from the beginning of Agrypnie gives them a more massive garment for these titles. Furthermore, this album also contains new material that is completely afar from any black metal genres. The album is closed by orchestral reinterpretations of Agrypnie classics putting them in completely new light and approaching the songs from a different, quite novel perspective. This trip into the depths of another dimension also has a playing time of far beyond one hour.

The project fronted by the ex-vocalist of Nocte Obducta benefit the experience he brings helps him serve a fantastic role, knowing just when to step forward and when to give the other musicians the lead role. The guitars on the record have a very modern, polished sound. The album is at its strongest during ambient instrumental sections and interludes, which work well to capture feelings of sorrow. One aspect of these moments is the presence of a vibe of a reflective or introspective nature.

„Grenzgænger“ and „Pavor Nocturnus“ have been released 2018 by Supreme Chaos Records, distributed by Cargo Records (GAS), Plastichead (UK), MVD (US) „Grenzgænger“ with „Pavor Nocturnus“ is available as: · Exclusive box set with 2 x double vinyl in gatefold, 4-fold mediabook with two booklets, posterflag, artcards, signed artcard · 2CD 4-fold mediabook with 20 pages and second 12 pages booklet

Bandcamp: Agrypnie

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